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A type of macro that allows the user to add commands to a word document without having to open the document in Word.
When you enable the macro recorder, VaySoft Word to EXE Converter automatically opens your word document.
After you have finished recording the macro, a special icon appears on the status bar that will indicate the status of the recording. You can also see the macro name on the status bar.
After you save the macro, the Macro Record feature can be used to recall the macro from any point in time.
When you open the same document with the macro in place, you will automatically be prompted with the macro so you can run it directly from the document.
VaySoft Word to EXE Converter makes it easy to convert a Word document into an executable file.
KEYGEN Description:
Password generators are the best and easiest way to generate passwords. If you are using a PC, most of the time you won’t have a problem with your computer’s security and the passwords will work fine. However, if you are using a laptop or tablet, this may not be an option.
That’s where a program called Password Generator will come in handy. It is a great way to protect your computer and online accounts and avoid identity theft and online fraud.
KEYJUMP Description:
Use the Jump List to quickly and easily change the view in Windows. If you use Windows Explorer and are familiar with the Quick Launch button, Jump List is the same thing. But Jump List is more powerful and more flexible.
Let’s say you have some MP3 files on your PC. You also want to send some files to your friend. You are using Windows Explorer to browse the files on your computer and you come across the MP3 files that you want to send.
You click the Jump List button to see all the programs that you are running. You then click MP3 and then click your friend’s name on your contact list. Your friend’s name opens up a new window.
When you are done, you click the Jump List button and it returns you to the Windows Explorer window.
KEYPAG Description:
When you are installing a program and it requires you to select where you want to save the files that are being installed, you have to look for the target folder yourself. When you are done installing the program, all you need to do is double click the.exe file and it will run.
You can use the.PAG files to install programs without having to 384a16bd22

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From 1 to 10 characters, you can assign keyboard macros to different keys.
Press the keyboard key, and press the letter to macro. For example, P stands for the letter P, and „P“ stands for the letter „P“. The letters are always highlighted in red. The keyboard macros are assigned in the „Settings“ menu. The longer the macro name, the better.
Keymacro Description:
You can also assign an amount of seconds to a key, and it will be the key macro while this amount of seconds passes. Press the key for this amount of seconds, and when it finishes, press the key to macro. This feature is great for you to play several short sounds from one key. This is a good key for you to do one-finger keyboarding.
Keymacro Description:
If you use the move key or the key repeat key on the keyboard, you can assign a key to do something else as soon as the key repeats. (Play, stop,…) There are several things you can do, but the function key is always great for one-finger keyboarding.
Keymacro Description:
If you don’t want to use the move key or the key repeat key, you can use this feature to make your own. For example, you want to use the „Space“ key to do something else. The trick is to make sure to use the „Space“ key for the number you want to use. In this case, „1“ key.
Keymacro Description:
You can define a sound file and set the timer to make it play a certain number of times. You can use it to do an intro or a fade-out.
Keymacro Description:
If you select a key on the keyboard, press the „shift“ key and press the key, you can use it to assign a key to do something else. You can also use this to reassign a key to do something else.
Keymacro Description:
You can also assign a key to make a „chorus“ effect. You need to combine two sounds together, and use this macro to make the combined sound last for a certain amount of seconds.
Keymacro Description:
You can use the shift key to make a key macro, and the roll key to make a button macro.
Roll Macro:
For example, let’s say you use the „Roll“ button. If you press shift, the Roll button will become a key macro

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