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⇒ Ctrl+F (Find): Finds the name you typed.
⇒ Ctrl+R (Replace): Replace the current name with the new one.
⇒ Ctrl+G (Next): Go to the next match.
⇒ Ctrl+Y (Previous): Go to the previous match.
⇒ Ctrl+N (New): Enter a new name.
⇒ Ctrl+I (Invert): Invert the search.
⇒ Ctrl+U (Case): Change case of current name.
⇒ Alt+H (Save): Save the changes.
⇒ Alt+L (Load): Load the old settings.
⇒ Shift+Tab (Next): Jump to next tab.
⇒ Ctrl+F10 (Show Font): Change the font.
⇒ F11 (FontSize): Change the font size.
⇒ F12 (Subtitle): Change the subtitle font.
⇒ F13 (Attributes): Change the attributes of the picture.
⇒ F14 (Clear Output): Clear the output window.
⇒ Ctrl+C (Copy): Copy the contents of the output window.
⇒ Ctrl+X (Cut): Cut the contents of the output window.
⇒ Ctrl+V (Paste): Paste the contents of the output window.
⇒ Ctrl+R (Regex): Change the name according to the regular expression.
⇒ Alt+C (Remove ID3v1): Remove ID3v1 tag.
⇒ Alt+D (Remove ID3v2): Remove ID3v2 tag.
⇒ Alt+M (Remove Album Title): Remove album title.
⇒ Alt+L (Add Album Title): Add album title.
⇒ Alt+R (Album): Change album.
⇒ Ctrl+C (Copy Path): Copy the folder path.
⇒ Ctrl+X (Cut Path): Cut the folder path.
⇒ Ctrl+V (Paste Path): Paste the folder path.
⇒ Ctrl+R (Rename): Rename the folder path.
⇒ Ctrl+G (Next): Go to the next folder.
⇒ Ctrl+Y (Previous): Go to the previous folder.
⇒ Ctrl+N (New): Enter a new folder name. 384a16bd22

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Over 30,000 lines of code designed to be efficient and speed up application performance, but also to be readable by a human. For instance, one line may contain up to 25 commands or statements.
Delete duplicates from a file list
This example illustrates the use of the Delete Duplicate key for file lists.

Text found on various parts of your screen
This examples shows how to use a Text macro, which can be used to display text on your screen.
MSW_TEXT=“On a new line, please type in your comment. Type and send“

Using macros to view the current status of a process
This example shows the status text that is written to the command line, as well as the lines that define the actual macros themselves.
MSW_STATUS_TEXT=“file 1: empty“
MSW_STATUS_TEXT_MACRO_STATUS=text found in file 1

Macro creation
Macro creation
Ex: MSW_TEXT=“Hello World!“

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