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Ava Devonshire is the daughter of the actress Susan Devonshire and her husband, the flamboyant British film star Tony Q. Rich. Her „conventional“ lifestyle is a stark contrast to her own thoughts and behavior.

Her father’s ten-year affair with his eighteen year-old stepdaughter has caused a rift between them and even affected her relationship with her mother. Ava’s mother is bitter and determined to separate her and her sister, Zsa Zsa, from both parents. Tony’s sudden success in America and determination to win back his wife, Susan, cause a breakdown in his marriage, making him a suspect and a threat to her.

Tony Q. Rich constantly sees ghosts. Throughout the movie, he struggles to make sense of his wife’s suicide, which eventually turns out to be a set-up. Ava’s stepbrother, Gabriel, takes revenge on Tony Rich.

After she broke up with her boyfriend, Charles, Ava meets a young man with perfect-like features, Edward. They fall in love and he tells Ava he has never been kissed.

Upon seeing this, Ava gets jealous and tells Edward it is because of Tony Q. Rich that she has never kissed anyone, since he is the only man who has ever touched her body. The film ends with Ava and her father having sex in a hotel room, and Edward and Ava finishing their first kiss. In truth, the latter was a setup that Ava arranged for Edward, hoping that he would feel the same way about her that she felt about him, and thus leading to their real, unplanned, first kiss.

The movie was shot in locations in Pakistan, including Karachi, Peshawar, and Islamabad. It was the first of several Bollywood films to be filmed in Pakistan, and was followed by box-office hits like Hum Kab Le Chale Kadam and Betaab.

The film was screened at the Berlin Film Festival in February, as part of the Generation — Berlin, where it was recognized as a „cultural event of the year“. It was also screened in the section of recent works in the 38th International Film Festival of India.

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